• Nifty Trading Academy | ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Nifty Trading Academy | ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Nifty Trading Academy | ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Welcome to Datta's Institute

Datta's is a Centre where people are mould into Professional Traders. To establish in Securities Market as a Professional or a Profitable Trader, it requires not only necessary knowledge but also Great Skill and Ability to sustain in ever volatile exciting Markets. It calls for Practical Guidance with precision. A soldier and a Trader cannot make mistakes. It’s a profession which gives good returns and excitement day after day.

Datta's ensures to provide Services to trade confidently in Volatile markets. A Team passionate of stock markets, well qualified, well trained ensure to provide knowledge and Skill in training.

Technical Analysis Concepts developed in the last 100 years are noteworthy. If these findings are well understood and adopted, it can help change our outlook on Securities Market and reap rich benefits.

"Dear Mr Vinod my association with you started from the 5th of May It has indeed been a wonderful experience and it has given me tremendous confidence to take trades in the calls given by you.The stocks that you recommend are well researched and always have very small stop losses which gives a good risk reward ratio, so even if any call does get stopped out it gets covered because of the other calls where the reward is much more."
- Navin Sood
- Delhi

"I am really happy with Technical Analysis Programme and will refer to my friends. I have gained more confidence to trade now".
- Madhavan Thangarajoo
- Canada

"Technical Analysis Programme gave me clarity not only in finding opportunities but also understanding the market behaviour which is very essential. I thank Mr. Vinod Kumar for his excellent presentation with live examples".
- Narayan Koduri

"The practical insight I got on Technicals and Market Behaviour is excellent."
- C V RamMohan
- Hyderabad

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India is a country as we see is a large economy with Stable and Sustained Growth. The focus on investments are growing among Institutions (Foreign and Domestic) and Retail segment.

The knowledge still on stock markets has to reach to respectable levels.


A Comprehensive Technical Analysis Programmes aimed to make you a Profitable Trader and achieve 100% return per annum on your Investment.

Ten days rigorous practical training which helps you trade confidently In volatile markets as well - Equity, Commodity, Forex.


Any class of metrics whose value is derived from generic price activity in a stock or asset. Technical indicators look to predict the future price levels,

or simply the general price direction, of a security by looking at past patterns. Examples of common technical indicators....